Sample Sale


Once a year, we host Sample Sales in the Anne Priscilla Boutique. At our sample sales you can find a large selection of wedding dress samples at discounted rates.

The sample sales are the perfect chance to select a designer gown for your wedding day. Each dress still carries the prestige of their label, made in luxury fabrics with surpassed craftsmanship.

For brides who wish to experiance the full Ap service, the gown can be purchased with full services, Including remedial work, specialist dry cleaning and storage with an additional fitting service available on site.

As our sample sales run on a first come first serve basis, each bride will be invited to our preview event a night prior to the sale.

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Why shop a luxury Sample Sale?

With only one annual sale, brides many brides will sees the opportunity to purchase a couture gown at a discounted price.

However, there are many reason to as why brides favour sample sales above all other offerings.

From sustainability to service, AP give you theire top 10 factors in choosing a sample gown.


ten reasons to shop AP’s lux sale.

1/ Sample sales can offer brides limited edition gowns from the worlds best designers. fashion forward brides will be able to purchase not only the gowns but editorial extras.

2/ Unlike a Luxury bridal boutique, many “cheep wedding” dresses are un-regulated and come with no guarantee. Brides have receive unrecognisable products and at best Indifferent quality.

3/ Making a sustainable purchase. Many brides have a heart of gold and recognise the need for sustainable fashion. However budget can leave many brides pushed into buying mass produced, over stocked and more often than not; unethical gowns.

4/ With our In-house designer to hand, sample gowns can be edited and even re-sized to create the perfect gown and fit. The option to use our alterations service means theres simply no need to compromise.

5/ Styling services mean that you will always have a team to help you fine tune your look and give honest and supportive advice.

6/ All dresses are supported by the prestige of theirs designers. Each Innovative designs is crafted in sumptuous fabrics with designer standards.

7/ No ‘price establishment’ techniques. Unless discontinued the price to order is accurate year round.

8/ Anne Priscilla Bridal is apart of the RBA association, Meaning our bridal store is verified by the highest UK standards in bridal.

9/ Classic styles are regularly refreshed so plenty of choice for the traditionalist too.

10/ Hand holding, concierge relationship from enquiry, via aisle to blog post sharing the love.