what is your role at AP?- PROPRIETOR + style director

How would you describe your own style? contemporary clasSics

what is the best bit about your job? it's A PRIVILEGE when a bride chooses her gown at Ap and being part of that journey is a wonderful thing.

Who is your ULTIMATE bride? Elizabeth Taylor, simply because she was a bride so many times but each time she was fabulously fearless.

what was your bridal style? I wore a hand cut gown from the one and only Stewart Parvin ... in black! I wanted to feel like myself, with no Compromise!

what is the key to your BOUTIQUES SUCCESS? Ap are always STRIVING to be ahead of the trend, responding to our brides who are looking for innovative and original deSigns that embody a unique SENSE of style. 

each of our bridal stylists have a fashion background often trained by the DESIGNERS themselves.  our alterations team is lead by the incredibly talented dorota, who brings a wealth of experience in both alterations and bespoke designs.  all of this EXPERTISE combined puts ap in a position to deliver customer service at an EXCEPTIONAL level.


what is your role at AP?-designer + senior stylist

How would you describe your own style? eclectic + Romantic 

Who is your ULTIMATE bride? Model Nicole Trunfio. She had 4 looks over her wedding weekend at the coachella festival but ONLY one bridal gown! She redefined the traditional gown with her 70's vibe and even wore a cape!

Best styling advice you have ever received? find your own definition of bridal style. 

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe? a vintage bridal gown that was gifted to me, i can't wait to make it my own!

Memorable bridal moment? THERE has been so many to chose from. Finding any bride her gown is special! (yes every time) but i'vE had the HONOuR of having brides trusting me with their vision and creating their gown just from a sketch!


what is your role at AP? Bridal stylist

How would you describe your own style? Unique + EFFORTLESS

whats is your ULTIMATE bridal gown?  GalatEA by watters because That’s what i wore on my wedding daY!! I wanted something SURPRISING + interesting but still me! 

How would you celebrate saying "yes to the dress" ? Its proseCco time! 

what bridal rules would you break? I love veils, but didn't wear one myself. a bride should express herself in a natural way and wearing a veil just didn't feel like me, i chose to wear a leather biker jacket instead!

what inspired you to join team AP? I worked my way up in manufacturing & design in Australia so have always worked in fashion.  When i moved to Scotland i wanted to do do something personal with fashion so i split my time as a bridal stylist and fashion illustrator. 


what is your role at AP? stylist + BRIDESMAIDs SPECIALIST 

How would you describe your own style?: Feminine + understated. 

WHAT SONG WILL BE YOUR first dance? Take my hand by Emily Hackett, but i'm not sure my boyfriend agrees! 

whats Bridal gown do you currently love?  Ercilia by Pronovias. I love the unusual embroidered lace and i would want a strapless dress. 

WHAT ARE THE KEY Bridesmaids trends? there is a focus on minimal styles that flatter and can stand the test of time. 

What do you love most about your job? Finding a dress that suits each individual bridesmaid and  makes them feel fabulous. 


what is your role at AP? Bridal stylist

How would you describe your own style? Glamorous + TIMELESS


what would be your dream wedding venue? 29 ROYAL EXCHANGE SQUARE , WHERE I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!

what Bridal gown do you currently love? Lennox by Augusta Jones

what advice would you give an AP bride? I would say you have to stay true to yourself but be open to styles that you did not envisage yourself in - you might be pleasantly surprised


what is your role at AP? Senior seamstress 

How would you describe your own style? Comfortable + elegant 

whats the best part of your job? Getting to Be creative.  i often get to make bespoke changes to the original designs making them truly special for our brides.

what made you want to be a seamstress? Sewing is my passion, it's what i love to do!!

i first began sewing when i was just 7 years old, i MADE a skirt for myself and continue to make clothes for myself and my family to this day. i went on to study design and MANUFACTURING, securing my first job designing and altering costums for the polish opera.

what advice would you give an AP bride? Be patient, first fittings can sometimes be FRUSTRATING as the gowns do not fit the bride perfectly at this stage, its my job to make the gowns perfect for each bride. relax and have confidence in the experts!

what has been a highlight as a member of team ap? Learning english and attending the bridal buyer awards where ap was awarded the best INDEPENDENT retailer of the year.  I wore a black silk 50's inspired skirt with silver brocade bodice which i made myself for the occassion.

whats your fave bridal fabrics? Brocade! I love prints and the subtle change in the texture is beautiful. its  rich, elegant and rare! 


what is your role at AP? seamstriss 

How would you describe your own style? Unique + bespoke! (i'm always customising my own clothes) 

whats the best part of your job? I love using COUTURE techniques and working with luxury fabrics and garments. 

what bridal trends do you love? I will always have a soft spot for lace dresses as they are flattering on all body shapes.  

what made you want to be a seamstress? iv been doing this since i was a wee girl, it's just what i love to do! 

what advice would you give an AP Bride? Find a dress that makes you feel good, Giving you the structure you want + Ask the experts for advice.