Meet AP Seamstress Caroline

Name: Caroline

What is your role at AP ? Bridal seamstress

How would you describe your own style? Unique, fun and a little quirky.


What is one item every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Statement necklace, they can transform your outfit and help me show of my personal style at work.

After the fitting where is best to celebrate? I’d take a trip to the west end, relax with my friends and take in the buzz of the city.

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe? All the clothes that I have made and customized. They fit better than the rest!

What is your favourite bridal look that you have created for a real bride? There can’t be just one, I love helping brides feel confident and making the impossible possible.

Best styling advice you have ever received? Invest in a good bra. It may not be the most glamorous answer, but the foundation of any look starts with the essentials.

What’s your ideal Sunday? If i’m not sewing then I will be curled up with my fave PJ’s and my partner.

What advice would you give your bride? Take a breath to relax and enjoy every moment.

Something you can’t live without? Easy question! my partner Robert, he is amazing!


What’s on your lust list right now?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Can you have enough pairs?


If you could wear any AP gown, what would it be?

Sassi Holford, Ester. I love the classic yet fun design and I’m in awe of Sassi Holfords’ technical skills!

What would be your wedding theme? I would have a non-traditional and fun wedding. I would probably have a big pub crawl across Glasgow wearing the most amazing AP dress.

The song I would walk down the aisle to? Ed Sheeran - thinking out loud

What does being a member of the AP team mean to you? I love being apart of the AP team, we work with some of the worlds top bridal designers. As a dress maker there is nothing more rewarding than working with luxury fabrics and couture techniques. Out brides expect the best and I’m proud to be a part of a team that provides the best.

kirsty frew