Dress Of The Month - August

This August we wanted to bring our brides a gown that celebrates the modern, fashion forward and bold bride. 

HIGUERA_B (1).jpg

As if made for a fairytale princess, this spectacular dress with a straight silhouette, in Monique crepe.

Original detachable long sleeves with an off-the-shoulder effect blend in with the train to give it a very special touch. 

The buttoned back, with a godet in the centre, hugs the figure, creating a shapely silhouette. 

Suited to both a winter and summer wedding, HIGUERA comes in two variations, with or without the detachable long sleeves.


Silver Frost

This dress is all about creating length. Draw on these long lines and add height with Stephanie Browne's Jasmine tiara.

Stand tall in sculpted heels and exaggerate the statuesque silhouette of HIGUERA.


Rays of Gold

Embrace your inner goddess with gold toned accessories and sun embellished tiaras!

HIGUERA's dramatic silhouette is perfect for the bold, fashion forward and fearless bride!

kirsty frew