Dress of the month - July

AP introduces Susannah, the dress that literally stopped the AP buying team in their tracks! In a sea of bridal gowns we were struck by its effortless glamour and sophistication. 

Designed by British designer Stephanie Allin, this waist cinching gown, hugs the brides curves showing of the bride in a subtle yet sexy manner. The impeccable fit and soft corset gives this little gown the ultimate figure enhancing quality. 

Perfect for the classic yet modern bride, Susannah is practically screaming to be styled to each brides individual  tatse.  Susannah looks amazing with capes, jackets, sheepskin wraps and oversized bows. Here at Ap team headquarters we adore the Susannah just as she is, sometimes less really is more.

Minimal Lux

Perfect for the minimal bride, Team Ap have styled the Susannah with a loose sleek up-do.

bridal stye .png

Blushing Beauty

Susannah if perfect for a sun blushed wedding. Introduce subtle textiles with soft velvets and satins to give dimension. Enhance the blush tones with rose gold detailing and Stephanie Browne Swarovski earrings.

bridal stye 3.png


But not like you know it ... Team Ap look to modern capes to update the polkadot trend.

Accessorise with beautiful pearl hairvines from Debbie Carlise to add a touch of tradition.