The new bridal Generation

Introducing the future of bridal//

To celebrate Anne Priscilla’s 30th year in business we wanted to organize something special and at the same time give something back to this amazing city of Glasgow that has been our home for 3 decades. We decided to team up the Scottish Wedding Directory and the talented students at Glasgow Clyde College. As part of the Students course each student has to design and manufacture a bridal gown.

This year the student’s brief was ' modern matrimony'. Inspired by modern women the students designed garments that would represent the future of bridal wear and what this represented to them. As Anne Priscilla Bridal celebrate their 30th anniversary it felt appropriate that the students reflected on the foundations of bridal design while challenging and re-energizing bridal traditions, much like the The AP and Scottish Wedding Directory brides themselves.


The Prize //

Scottish Wedding Directory’s Beth and the AP style director; Karen were invited to the students exhibition to judge the students work. As part of our collaboration we wanted to offer an outstanding student a prize that would enhance their career with one student wining a 1 month internship under the guidance of our senior dressmaker Dorota. The winning student was also profiled by the Scottish Wedding Directory with their creation being photographed on location with the magazine.

Finalists //

As we viewed the students work we were delighted by there passion and enthusiasm for design and craft. As the standards were set high, we decided that a range of students works should be accredited. In the end 5 students: Ashton Burns, Lauren Rodgers, Alison Smith, Rebecca, Kirsteen, were selected for a style masterclass and photoshoot in Anne Priscilla’s city centre boutique.


Prize Winner //

Jillian Halfpenny won the placement with her ultra modern pencil trouser and wrap top with vintage bead work. Karen described her work as fashion forward and that Jillian had tapped into a trend that was beginning to emerge in clients of Anne Priscilla.

‘Jillian’s work is Super chic and was even inspired by an AP real bride.
— Karen Maden

Jillian’s design was inspired by a range of Anne Priscilla brides and the image of the AP brand she had obtained trough our media platforms. Like all great designers Jillian also researched past bridal trends and was inspired by couture fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel.


The future //

This fantastic opportunity helped the students to understand the context of their creations and fulfill their potential. We feel extremely proud to be supporting the future of bridal and will be there to support the students at their graduate fashion show opening on the Fri, 7 June 2019.

kirsty frew